Coach Bill O’Brien

Found a new O’Brien!

Bill O’Brien is an American Football Coach.  He was the coach at Penn State right after the sex abuse scandal broke out, and then he left Penn State to be the head coach of the Houston Texans.

File:Bill O'Brien.JPG-kimberly-o'brien-chicago

Source Wikipedia.  Here is the citation information — I don’t want to face a trial for copyright violations, LOL:English: Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien
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Another Brian O’Brien

A few days ago, I added a new O’Brien to this blog:  A Broadway dancer named Brian O’Brien.  Well, wouldn’t you know that there’s ANOTHER Brian O’Brien out there??!!!

Here is Brian O’Brien, the optical physicist:

Brian O' Brien.jpg

This Brian O”Brien is known for his contributions to technology like night vision and fiberoptics.

Pretty cool!!

Chicago’s William O’Brien Group

I mentioned before that I’m having trouble finding new people named “Kimberley O’Brien” or “Kim O’Brien” — so I’ve decided to start branching out.

Here’s a Chicago-area business called the William O’Brien Group.  It looks like the William O’Brien group does investments:




Two More Kim O’Brien/Kimberly O’Brien finds!!!!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I gotta admit that it’s getting kind of hard to find new people named “Kim O’Brien” or “Kimberley O’Brien” or “Kimberly O’Brien.”  When I first started this site, I was sure that I’d find so many people who had my name.  And I did, but I think i might have found all of them… until now.

Here are two new Kim O’Brien discoveries:

Sex in Chicago by Kim O’Brien is a blog diary by a Sex and the City-obsessed lawyer living in, you guessed it, Chicago.  I don’t know how I missed this blog because it looks like Kim has been at it for a few years now.  If you like dogs, dancing, Sarah Jessica Parker, and lawsuits, check it out.


Sex in Chicago by Kim O’Brien

Slavebride a Literature blog by Kimberley O’Brien.  I admit i was a little put off by the name of the blog (as it turns out, it’s actually a reference to some obscure slave narrative). But it’s just a collection of book reviews.  There’s a huge variety of genres — from trashy bondage porn to sci-fi to serious literature.


Slavebride, a Literature Blog by Kimberly O’Brien

So, that’s it!  Two in one week isn’t bad, though.


Kimberly O’Brien, PhD, LICSW

Here’s another Kim O’Brien that is a professor at a university!  So MANY smart and awesome Kim’s out there!  According to this page from the Simmons School of Social Work, this Kim O’Brien specializes in treating adolescent kids with problems like substance abuse and suicidal thoughts.

Pretty awesome!!

Kim O’Brien, Concordia University School of Law

I just found a new Kim O’Brien!  She’s the Director of Student Affairs at Concordia University School of Law!  Seems like there are a lot of cases of Kim O’Briens out there who are involved in academics!  I’ve always been fascinated by lawsuits and legal stuff – maybe it’s in the name, LOL!

Here’s a screenshot of her bio page:

a screenshot of Kim O'brien's bio page at Concordia.

a screenshot of Kim O’brien’s bio page at Concordia.

Learn more about Kim O’Brien and her job at Concordia here.



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I guess I’ll see what happens…