Kimberley O’Brien: The Trials of O’Brien

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Peter Falk and Joanna Barnes starred in the short-lived TV series “The Trials of O’Brien”

So, this TV show is a little bit before my time (really, it’s a LOT before my time – it was on in 1965!) but it sounds like it was kind of interesting.  In The Trials of O’Brien, Peter Falk played a lawyer who liked to quote Shakespeare.  Aside from the Lawyer named O’Brien, the other two major characters on the show were O’Brien’s secretary and his ex-wife.  That’s pretty interesting – you didn’t see a lot of divorced people on TV back then and you rarely saw divorced people who had relationships with each other post-divorce!  I guess Peter Falk really liked The Trials of O’Brien – but it wasn’t on for very long.  There are only 22 episodes of The Trials of O’Brien.  Maybe the whole divorced guy thing was too progressive for 1965?  Maybe the Shakespeare references were too much?  Either way, I’d love to see this show for myself.  And it sounds like there were a lot of really interesting guest stars on this show, too – here are just a few of the folks who guest starred on The Trials of O’Brien:  Milton Berle, David Carradine, Buddy Hackett, Gene Hackman, Rita Moreno, and Martin Sheen!  That’s pretty impressive list of guest stars considering that The Trials of O’Brien was only on for 22 episodes!

Kimberley O’Brien: We have a PLANET!! No Joke!!!

Okay this is my most favorite O’Brien-related thing EVER in the WHOLE WORLD:  There is an actual planet out there called 21774 O’Brien!!!! Isn’t that the coolest thing ever??!!! The O’Brien planet was discovered at the Anderson Mesa Station in Arizona in 1999 and it was named after scientist David O’Brien.  It’s a minor planet – but hey, it’s a planet, right?  Not many people can say they share a name with a whole freakin’ planet!  And I thought a state park was cool!


Okay, so this isn’t the actual O’Brien planet. Kimberley O’Brien searched but couldn’t find any pictures. Just look at this piece of clip art instead and pretend that the O’Brien planet is out there somewhere, LOL


Kimberley O’Brien presents Places Named O’Brien: William O’Brien State Park in Minnesota

Here’s a cool one:  There’s an entire 180 acre state park named after an O’Brien!  It’s in Minnesota, and it’s named after William O’Brien, who was a Minnesota lumber baron in the 19th century.  Even though he was a lumber Baron, William O’Brien didn’t buy this land to cut all the trees down – he actually bought it because he wanted to live there!  I’m not sure if he ever built a home there, but in the 1940s after he died, his daughter donated the land to the state of Minnesota!  That’s pretty nice, I think.  The park is very popular to this day – it features two campgrounds and even today it is one of the most popular parks in the state of Minnesota!  Anyone been there?  As you know, Kimberley O’Brien is a Chicago city gal so I have pretty limited experience with camping, but I’d love to try it!  Maybe I should pay a visit to William O’Brien state park some time!

Monkeyman and O’Brien: Comic Book Heroes

Monkeyman and O'Brien featured an unlikely pair of crime fighters

Source: Wikipedia

Here’s another awesome find – this is why I love doing this blog.  Ever heard of a comic book series called “Monkeyman and O’Brien”? Me neither!  But tell me if this doesn’t sound super cool:  Ann O’Brien is a seven-foot-tall superhero who gained super strength after a radiation accident.  She joins forces with “Monkeyman” – a super-intelligent gorilla named Axwell Tiberius — to find Ann’s missing scientist father.  I have never seen or heard of this comic and it looks like it was only around for a few years in the late 1990s when it was published by Dark Horse Comics.  The premise is kind of crazy – but what comic book doesn’t sound crazy?  I’d love to get a copy and see for myself.


O’Brien Township in Minnesota

Okay, so I’m leaving the “People named O’Brien” category for a while and going back to places named O’Brien.  This time, we’re going to the Midwestern United States to Minnesota, where you will find O’Brien Township, which has a population of an astounding 56 people – living in 23 households!  That’s tiny!  The whole place is only 36 square miles!  The nearest major highway is Minnesota State Highway 89, and there are a ton of lakes nearby, including Alaska Lake, Island Lake, Mina Lake, Moose Lake, Rice Lake, and Ten Mile Lake (it’s no wonder that Minnesota is called “Land of 1,000 lakes – I think half of them are here in O’Brien Township, LOL!).

Anybody been to O’Brien Township?  Heck, has anyone out there heard of O’Brien Township, Minnesota?  I’d love to hear more about it – I love hearing about small towns!

Cathy O’Brien, American Conspiracy Theorist/Writer

There sure are a lot of writers named “O’Brien” out there.  So, I’m not totally sure what to call Cathy O’Brien.  But I guess “conspiracy theorist” works because she has some, shall we say, unusual opinions and beliefs about the United States government and what it has the power to do.  Cathy O’Brien has published several books about her belief that she was the victim of a mind control project called Project Monarch.  During her time with Project Monarch, Cathy O’Brien says she was subjected to all kinds of abuse: She claims that she was a sex slave and that she was forced into the mind-control sex slave program by her dad, who abused her as a child.  She also says she has multiple personality disorder and she only remembered what had happened to her under hypnosis.  She has written two books about her experiences:  One is called “Trance Formation of America” and the other is called “Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security.”  Although she is quite vocal about what happened to her, it has been difficult for anyone to prove or research the abuses and sex slave accusations as they are all related to top-secret government projects.  Some people say that none of that stuff happened to her.  Others say she is speaking the truth about something the government would like to keep hidden.   Kimberley O’Brien isn’t sure what to think, but it sure is a fascinating story.


Cathy O’Brien is a conspiracy theorist and the author of several books about her experiences as a victim of mind control and sex slavery.

Soledad O’Brien, American Journalist and News Personality

Soledad O’Brien has been on several leading national TV news broadcasts on channels like CNN, the Discovery Channel, HBO, and Al Jazeera America.  She got her start on local television news in Boston and New York.  Soledad O’Brien has an interesting background: Her dad is from Australia and has Irish ancestors and her mom is Afro-Cuban.  Soledad O’Brien’s parents met while they were students at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, but Soledad O’Brien never lived in Maryland; instead, she grew up in New York because when her parents were married, the place they were living had laws against people of different races getting married!  Kimberley O’Brien was shocked when she read that – what kind of backwards law is that?  It’s amazing what people thought was okay back then.  But anyway, Soledad O’Brien is very proud of her interesting and diverse heritage – and she even refused to change her name when she started working as a TV personality – I guess people told her she should change it to something less ethnic but she refused.  And I say good for her!  More people should stick to their guns about name changes.  Be proud of your name!  I’m proud to be an O’Brien like Soledad O’Brien, LOL!

Kevin O’Brien, American Novelist

So, you might have noticed that I’m kind of on a roll here with dudes named “Kevin O’Brien.” Because let’s face it.  Sometimes it gets difficult to find new people or places or things named O’Brien and I stumbled on a Wikipedia page for people named O’Brien so I thought I’d just see who I could find.  So, I’m going to tell you about all of the interesting Kevin O’Briens out there.  Last time, I talked about an actor named Kevin O’Brien. This time, it’s Kevin O’Brien the writer.  I have to admit that I hadn’t heard of this person before I started looking for new O’Briens  to write about – and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that in addition to having the last name “O’Brien,” this guy is also from Chicago!  That’s right – ANOTHER O’Brien from Chicago!  I seriously want to plan some sort of reunion with all of these O’Brien people from Chicago.  He sounds like an interesting guy – he studied journalism in college and he lived in the pacific northwest for a while where he worked as a railroad inspector before he started writing thrillers.  He is the author of 13 books including “Only Son,” “The Next to Die,” “The Last Victim,” and “Disturbed.”  And some of his books have even been optioned for movies!  So who knows?  Maybe the next Kevin O’Brien novel is coming soon to a theater near you!  Ooh, and maybe the actor Kevin O’Brien can come out of retirement and be in the movie!  And Kimberley O’Brien will blog about it, LOL!


Kevin O’Brien is from Chicago and he is the author of 13+ suspense/thriller novels, including this one.

If anyone out there has read any of Kevin O’Brien’s novels let me know!  Are they good?  Any recommendations for me?  Which book is best?

Kevin O’Brien, American Actor

Here’s a new O’Brien:  Kevin O’Brien.  I wasn’t able to find out much about good Old Kevin O’Brien but it looks like his career was fairly short.  Kevin O’Brien had a role in Friday the 13th Part 2 (the Friday the 13th movies are some of Kimberley O’Brien’s favorite horror movies ever!) and he was also in Warlock which starred super-weird actor Julian Sands as the creepy blond warlock.

Friday the 13th part2.jpg-kimberley-o'brien-kevin_o'brien

Kevin O’Brien had roles in Friday the 13th Part II and Warlock.

Aside from that it looks like Kevin O’Brien only did some small parts in television shows after that.  He was on Herman’s Head (remember that show!  Holy crap I had forgotten all about it until I started researching for this blog!), CHiPs, Quincy, and Knots Landing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any photos of Kevin O’Brien and I couldn’t even find out when he was born and if he was still working or even if he was still alive!  If anyone out there happens to know the answers, drop me a comment and let me know! I’m super curious!

Miles O’Brien, Star Trek Character by Kimberley O’Brien Chicago blogger



There’s even a Star Trek character named O’Brien!  Isn’t that cool!?  The character’s full name is Miles Edward “Chief” O’Brien and he was a major character on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  I guess that he was a minor character at first and then his part got larger and larger until he became a fairly major character with his own storylines and such.  I’ve never watched those shows but it sounds like he had some pretty dramatic storylines:  one time he was put on trial and accused of being a spy and he even was sentenced to prison.  In another storyline, O’Brien was a slave on some other planet!  Pretty crazy!  I had no clue that Star Trek was so dramatic – I might just have to give it a second look just for the O’Brien slave lawsuit